Youmaps v2 changelog (March 2017)

2 years ago by Dounia Cherifi


  • added: [Tutorial] Add a first connection guide / tutorial
  • added: [Thematics] Set custom bounds for a thematic analysis
  • added: [Mapdata ID] Switch mapdata IDs
  • added: [Attributes table] Access the attributes table without opening an infowindow
  • added: [Full data file] Create a JSON file containing all attribute data and geometries for a given mapdata
  • added: [Language] Choose between a French or English interface on Youmaps Studio
  • improved: [Documentation] Access the documentation directly through Youmaps Studio
  • fixed: [Click on polylines] Reduce the distance tolerance on click on polylines
  • fixed: [Spatial filters] The result should be [0] when no geometry is returned by a filter
  • fixed: [Spatial filters] All mapdata are not filtered when all mapdata are checked in a filter
  • fixed: [Styles] The mapdata style is not updated when attribute data of a geometry are updated
  • fixed: [setMapdataClustering] The setMapdataClustering REST API method doesn't work
  • fixed: [Display on IE] Arrows on the upload box and legend are not shown correctly
  • fixed: [Search] The sidebar should be automatically opened when a mapdata returned by a search is clicked
  • added: