Getting started - Setup

There's a bit of configuration to do before you can enjoy all the possibilities Youmaps has to offer.
If you are using a proxy, you need to authorize the Youmaps URLs.
You'll also have to retrieve your Youmaps key, then configure and send us your Google Maps for Work credentials.
The documentation below will guide you through those steps.


This documentation is designed for Youmaps REST API and JavaScript Library users.

It will help you explore and develop your application using both tools. Note that you should preferably be familiar with JavaScript programming and have some notions about JSON object structure.

This documentation is designed and thought to let you quickly get the hang of our REST and JavaScript API.

Authorizing Youmaps URLs on your proxy

If you're using a proxy, you may need to authorize these URLs to ensure Youmaps runs smoothly :

HTTPS (SSL enabled) URLs

Make sure you authorize the HTTPS versions.
Simply authorizing the HTTP versions may not work.

Getting your Youmaps Key

Whether you are planning to use the REST API or JavaScript Library, first make sure you received your Youmaps Key.

You will receive your Youmaps Key upon purchasing your Youmaps License.
It enables you to make request to the REST API and JavaScript Library. It allows us to quickly identify your Youmaps client account and monitor your application API usage.


The Youmaps Key is an important piece of information and should be stored safely.

Get your Technical Account ID

To use our JavaScript Library and REST API, you will first need to retrieve your Technical Account ID.

To get your Technical Account ID :

  • 1 - Access your Youmaps account using your Youmaps credentials or your Google Account (by clicking on the "Sign in with Google" button).
  • 2 - Click on the upper right corner icon to open your account information.
  • 3 - Your Technical Account ID is the number near Technical ID, as shown below.

Configuring Youmaps URLs on your Google For Work Support Portal

Before you proceed to the next section (setting your Google Maps for Work client ID on Youmaps), you should first make sure you authorized all the necessary URLs to use your Google credentials.

First, log in to your Google for Work Support Portal account.

Next, on the menu on the left, click Maps: Manage Client ID.

You should now add the following URLs to your list of authorized URLs :

Setting your Google Maps API credentials on Youmaps

Youmaps is based on Google Maps and comes as an add-in of Google Maps for Work.

In order to use Youmaps, a Google Maps for Work licence is required. As soon as you get your Google Maps API client ID and crypto key, you will need to send them to us as soon as possible.

As a referent, if you haven't sent us your Google Maps API credentials before your first connection to Youmaps, you will get the following popin right after you log in:

Your Google Maps credentials will be set as soon as you hit the submit button. You can then login.

Any other user (except the referent) in your company will get the following popin while your credentials are not set :

The Google Maps API client ID will be used to load the Google Maps JavaScript library when you log in on Youmaps and each time you need to geocode an address (either through a table file upload or through a call to a REST API method).

After your Google Maps API credentials are set, you will never have to use or send them again.

Google Maps API credentials

Your Google Maps API credentials are mandatory. All your data on Youmaps cannot be loaded without it. Only a referent can edit it.